Surprise Corner and How To Get There

Surprise Corner
Surprise Corner and the Famous Banff Springs Hotel
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel as seen from Surprise Corner

6 Minutes in normal traffic 10 minutes

Surprise Corner

  1. Surprise Corner From Highway 1 – Trans Canada Highway

    Driving West on Highway 1 – Trans Canada Highway take the second exit

  2. Exit left off off of Highway 1

    Exit left off of Highway 1 onto Mt. Norquay Road towards the Town of Banff

  3. Follow this street

    In short, you will soon pass the famous “Banff” sign, be careful if you choose to park and take photos. Park at the arena facility on the left.

  4. Keep following!

    Mt. Norquay Road will automatically turn into Gopher Street, then into Lynx Street and then into Bear Street. Just follow the street with no sharp turns and you’ll be fine.

  5. Take a Left

    Shortly, when you reach a “T” intersection take a left. At this point you are on Bear Street and at the intersection the Library is on the right and the Post Office is on your left.

  6. Straight through intersection

    After the left turn at the “T” intersection you will approach an intersection with traffic lights in a few seconds. So travel safely straight through the intersection and you are now presently on Buffalo Street.

    Across the intersection you will see the CIBC bank. You are now minutes away from Surprise Corner.

  7. Get ready to park

    On the right you will soon see a deep valley with the Bow River below. A sharp left bend in the road is coming. Carefully continue straight and there are parking spots there. If they are full wait a few minutes, visitors usually don’t stay too long in this case.

  8. Viewing Deck

    Carefully cross the road onto the steps leading up to the large viewing deck. Be careful as as a result it can be slippery if the steps are wet or as well as snowy.
    Surprise Corner - Stairs to Viewing Deck

  9. Take your photos!

    There are many angles of the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel surrounded by forest on Sulphur Mountain, on this occasion don’t be in a rush.

  10. Best part

    To conclude, this is FREE! … enjoy your memories! On the whole it is an excellent experience.