5 Best Banff Patios

5 Best Banff Patios – It’s time to start thinking about Summer and outdoor patios! When it comes to enjoying eating, drinking as well as the great outdoors the Best Banff patios are dialed in and ready for you!

El Patio in Banff

El Patio – The Ultimate Taco Patio

El Patio Rooftop Tacos

El Patio Rooftop Tacos

Rooftop tacos are the specialty here! Also, located upstairs on the rooftop of the Magpie & Stump, El Patio serves up their specialty tacos in addition to the open air surroundings from their loaded Taco Bar. In addition, enjoy open air starlight fiestas with quick and friendly service under the star filled Banff mountain sky.

Bear Street Tavern

Bear Street Tavern Dog Friendly Patio

Bear Street Tavern Patio Dog Friendly

Bear Street Tavern Patio Dog Friendly

The Bear Street Tavern offers up a sunny courtyard patio to enjoy and relax. Enjoy their signature Ridiculously Delicious Pizza in the open air mountainous outdoors.

In addition, their patio is dog friendly! Man’s best friend is welcome and can accompany you. The Bear Street Tavern motto is: “We are dog friendly”!

3 Bears Brewery and Restaurant

3 Bears Brewery Indoor Patio

3 Bears Patio Brewery Patio

3 Bears Patio Brewery Patio with their retractable roof!

Patios Galore await you at the 3 Bears Brewery! Enjoy their unique retractable roof transforming an indoor forest instantly into an outdoor air experience.

To add to the experience there is a 25 foot pine tree indoors!

The Bison Restaurant

The Bison Rooftop Patio

The Bison

The Bison Rooftop Patio

In addition to the incredibly comfortable indoor surroundings, enjoy their sun drenched rooftop patio at The Bison.

Farm to Table fare let you enjoy a wide variety of farm fresh selections from duck, fish, game and pasta.

The Bison let’s you take in their service and selection in the open air environment surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Chucks Steakhouse

Chuck’s Steakhouse Rooftop Patios

Chuck's Steakhouse

Chuck’s Steakhouse Rooftop Patios

Chucks Steakhouse provides the top beef experience in Banff. From prime grass-fed wagyu beef to in-house dry aged beef, the experience is undeniably legendary.

To clarify, in the Summer months you get to enjoy this experience on their rooftop patios amongst the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. Undoubtedly this is what makes it one of the best Banff patios.